Ways you can work with me:

Goal Getters


Three-month group coaching programme for female entrepreneurs who are ready to accelerate into 2023 and turn their new year's intention into reality.

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Consciously Create Your Life


Premium 1:1 Coaching container:


The ultimate journey to embodying your unique energetic gifts, understanding your soul journey and becoming unstuck.

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Human Design


Tarot readings

Discover your energetic gifts, connect with source, soul and spirit and gain valuable insights so you can thrive rather than survive.

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My Coaching Specialties include:


Human Design Embodiment

Using your unique energetic blueprint to uncover your innate gifts, address aspects of your soul's journey that have led you into contraction and empower you to live an aligned life with intention.

Shadow and Inner Child work

Lovingly, witnessing and integrating the many aspects of your multi-layered self. The goal is always empowerment through understanding.

Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Long-lasting positive reprogramming of both your unconscious and conscious mind. 

Tarot Therapy

To gain valuable insights into your inner realms and tune into new perspectives and potentials to guide your soul journey.

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"I initially booked Katie for a 1:1 session but was so blown away by the results that I immediately booked her for another one. Katie is very warm and welcoming and held so much space for me during our session! The modalities she worked on with me created shifts that have positively affected how I show up in both my life and business. She helped me get to the root cause of some of my roadblocks and eventually identify and change a belief that was hindering my progress. After our calls I was ready to move forward with motivation and confidence in myself and my business. I highly recommend working with Katie." - Corinna Czink

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