Hi! I’m Katie


Human Design coach, airline pilot, skin and haircare consultant and crazy cat lady.


Katie in her pilot Uniform, smiling with her hands in her pocket.
Human Design coach with her lap top

My journey to overcoming performance anxiety in my career as a pilot led me down a personal development rabbit hole which resulted in me getting a fire in my belly to help others achieve more success with less stress.

My experience as an intuitive woman in a male-dominated industry was a major catalyst for developing my signature methods and why I'm so passionate about supporting my clients in uncovering and embodying their energetic and intuitive abilities so they can Level Up, expand and share their gifts without feeling like they have to dim to fit in.

I'm a Kiwi living in Western Australia with my husband, Clay and our two fur babies, Chloe and Lily. I'm a freedom seeker, adrenaline junkie and avid supporter of everyone who dares to say YES to themselves and building a life they're obsessed with.

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Align & Thrive

The ultimate journey to embodying your energetic gifts so you can accelerate your business growth.

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Human Design & Tarot for Business

Discover your energetic gifts, connect with source, soul & spirit and gain valuable insights so you can thrive rather than survive.

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Side Hustle Start-Up School

Your step-by-step Guide to Launch & Grow an online biz that nourishes both your soul and your bank account.

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