#053 - Pocketful of Pep: March Energy Report

Episode 53 of the Level Up with Katie B podcast is a dive deep into the cosmic energies that will affect our lives and our businesses during the solar transit for March.

As the sun journeys through a human design chart, the energies invite us to explore new avenues of self-awareness, growth and alignment. This episode is about helping you understand how you can maximize those energies and infuse them into every element of your month ahead. 

We’ll be looking at Gate 63, Gate 22, Gate 36, Gate 25, Gate 17, and Gate 21. The energies activated in these Gates during March are about openness, knowing, trusting your intuition, self-growth, emotional strength, and contributing to the greater good.

Each Gate is activated during a different part of the month, and I lead you through each time period, the characteristics of each activated Gate, how the shadow expressions of each Gate can show up in our lives and businesses, and some of the questions you could ask yourself during the period of each Gate activation to lead you along your path of alignment. 

I also share some exciting news with you: I’m taking part in a summit!!  The Expansive Exposure Summit starts on 18 March, runs for 4 days, and will have heaps of workshops led by visionaries and entrepreneurs like you. The theme of the summit is about exploring innovative approaches to marketing and business growth in alignment with the emerging energies of our time, and it’s going to be amazing!

It’s the first time I’ve been part of a summit, and I’m so excited about it! 

My workshop is called Thrive by Design, and it’s all about human design for sustainable business success. You can check out all the details for the summit here. I can’t wait to see you there!