Embodying your Human Design is the ultimate Life Hack for fast-tracking your manifestation process.

I have options to suit your needs. Check them out below.



Readings & Coaching packages to suit your needs.


Align & Thrive


The ultimate journey to embodying your energetic gifts so you can accelerate your business growth.


Flow State Trinity


3 x 90 Min Human Design & Coaching sessions

Flow State Trinity is perfect for you if you:  If you feel stuck and like you need guidance and support to get you out of a rut and course correct or are looking for a boost to get you back on track to achieving your goals.





Ihr 30 min Intro to your Human Design reading.

Gain clarity on how you can work WITH your energetic blueprint to invite more ease, flow and fulfilment into your life!





2hr Reading

The Magic of Tarot and Human Design in one soul reading.What you'll get: All the benefits of the A Human Design reading Soulful, Tarot reading:


Energy Type Essentials tools kits


The perfect place to start your Human Design journey.

Learn the most essential tools that Human Design Gives you; Your Energy Type, Strategy and Authority

These tools will allow you to build confidence in what is means to be in alignment and in flow with the Universe so you can accelerate your manifestation process.

Included in the tool kit.

  • Recorded Masterclass for you to watch at any time.
  • A meditation to help you connect with the most important aspects of your Energy Type.
  • An e-workbook to build a deeper connection and address core aspects of your design.
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Flow State Human Design reading.

I recently had a Human Design reading with Katie B and can say that this experience has given me a heightened sense of self-awareness and empathy towards what I thought were my ‘downfalls’ (when in fact, they were examples of me contradicting my natural energy flow).

Katie unpacked and delivered my reading with enthusiasm and curiosity, guiding me in reflection and understanding my energy type and uniqueness. She naturally led me towards considering my results as I shape my future in line with my Bliss. 

Katie is wise, intuitive, and damn good fun. I highly recommend her guidance you on your Human Design journey.


Tarot & Human Design

When I started my spiritual journey, someone explained to me that some books are "activational". That is, whilst you're reading them, you actually start to shift. Working with Katie is like this. Things just start to happen. And there's a snowball effect.

I highly recommend Katie as a highly intuitive spiritual coach who can translate the spiritual into everyday reality. Katie is committed to bringing the best out in others and connecting them with their highest selves. She's inspiring and definitely has access to something magical!


Flow State Trinity.


I feel so much clearer about my soul purpose, less concerned with all the rules and way more in flow with my intuition!

This has given me the extra clarity I needed just to do things my way and not doubt if for a second!

You will learn where you can step into your truest self and how to unlock your energy so your abundance can flow right in.

I did receive strong confirmation on my ability to trust the nudges and rest when I’m not being nudged. And I’ve had no problem with work flowing in, whilst following this way of being.