Align & Thrive

The ultimate journey to embodying your energetic gifts so you can accelerate your business growth.


Align & Thrive


What you can expect:



Give your business solid foundations to grow from by getting crystal clear on where you are now, how you got here and what the REAL vision is. This a VITAL step towards future-proofing and preparing you for the growth you've been looking for.



Unlock your energetic gifts, learn what you came here to share, and how you came here to express your unique magic by understanding your energetic blueprint with Human Design.


Re-write your story so you can break free from old unhelpful patterns of behaviour that have been keeping you small so you can start showing up, loud and proud, sharing your gifts like a badass.



Consciously create your business and attract aligned opportunities by working with energetic and mindset structures that support your success.



Health, wealth, and strong relationships.

Build your legacy sustainably by expanding your capacity to receive.


If you're feeling exhausted and frustrated from working hard but not achieving the success you desire, it's time to shake shit up.


Free yourself from complying with BS societal norms and dimming to fit in.

Experience soul-level satisfaction in life and business as you confidently level up, expand and share your gifts.





Stop Compromising.

"The tension you're feeling comes from the disparity between what your heart, body and soul want and what your mind is telling you, you "should" want.

If you keep following your mind's reasoning. Specifically, what your conditioned mind tells you, you'll feel like you're on a continuous quest for satisfaction and fulfilment." 

- Katie B




  • You've poured your heart and soul into your business but are still experiencing resistance and not achieving the positive forward momentum you want.
  • You're starting to doubt if you're heading in the right direction and are confused about what being in alignment would even look and feel like. 
  • You've bought a billion self-paced online courses that are "gathering dust" in the abyss of the world wide web.
  • You're craving confidence, clarity and a connection to your business that allows you to infuse your unique magic into every ounce of it.


"I booked a 1:1 session with Katie and just instantly fell in love with her straight-up, authentic and genuine way of cutting through the bullshit.

Not only have I learnt so much about myself, how I get in my own way and how to recognise when I’m doing that!

I have achieved more in the time that I have spent with Katie than probably in the last 5 years, and I thought I was pretty productive.

Katie has helped me focus, got my ‘imposter’ syndrome under control and given me the confidence to tread the path I’m here to walk.
It’s full guns blazing, heading in the right direction with ‘zero fucks given’.

I can’t recommend letting this gorgeous soul into your inner circle and learning all you can from her insights and knowledge enough.

She’s got your back – she's in your corner, and I promise you’ll feel 100% supported.

Not only has she helped me – but I KNOW that she’ll help you.

I can’t wait for more people to discover what she has to offer and embrace."


Pop Up wedding & Funeral services

"I hardly recognise myself for many reasons, but the main one being Katie has, in just a few short months, helped me step into my power and shine the light I've been put on this earth to shine.

I feel lighter, free, powerful, sexy, more grounded, excited, and the most me I think I've ever felt. For the first time ever, I can truly say I fucking love who I am. I have confidence in myself and a new low tolerance for anything that doesn't make me feel good. 

I could never fully find the words to say what working with Katie has actually done for me, I don't think they exist because the magnitude is so great it blows me away if I think about it.

Side note she is one of the funniest, strongest, kindest, knowledgeable, empathic, wise and incredible kick-ass woman I've ever met. I just hope at the end of the 5 months. There's a follow-on course because I can't imagine a life without Katie and her beautiful magic now."

- Kristy


10 Coaching sessions

One on One coaching via video chat.

Tailored to your needs over five months.

On call guidance & support

Via Voxer Mon - Fri 9-5pm AWST

Inevitably when stepping into your power, and learning to say YES to yourself and your vision for your life and business, things come up. Whether you have a question, need a sounding board or specific guidance, you will receive voice message support.

Resources to support your evolution

Hypnosis MP3s, Journal guides and resources at your fingertips.


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:



5 monthly payments




Save $501


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