#051 - Harness your hormonal superpowers.

Today on the Level Up with Katie B podcast I discuss all things hormones with Claire Marie, Primal Health and Empowerment Coach, founder of Femmway, mother, and relentless advocate for women’s health.

As a result of her own struggles with menstrual health, Claire has developed a unique system to revolutionize women’s wellness through cycle synchronisation. 

Our convo delves deep into the profound impact hormones have on everything we are and everything we do. We also talk about how women go through four archetypes during a monthly cycle, and how we can work with the different people we become, in synergy with our menstrual cycles - working with the natural ebb and flow of energies our hormonal fluctuations create at any given point in our cycle rather than against it. 

Claire shares some tips on tracking your cycle, so that you can start on your life-changing journey of working with your hormonal superpowers from a place of knowledge, and talks about how knowing your hormones can make the transition to peri and menopause less stressful and more harmonious (or should that be ‘hormonious’? 😂).

We also chat about how you can harness your knowledge of where you’re at, hormonally, at a particular time of the month, to make good decisions about how to spend your time.

There really is so much good stuff  in this episode, prepare to have your minds blown, people!