What is Tarot Therapy, and why do I use it in my coaching?


In Tarot therapy, we use Tarot cards, not as a divination or fortune-telling tool but as an anchor to provide context and uncover unconscious material.

Throughout your tarot experience, we will work together to uncover repressed material through Jungian Tarot therapy techniques.

In Jungian psychology, the 78 cards represent archetypes of the collective unconscious as well as patterns of behaviours, emotions, desires, and beliefs.

Your journey through the cards will highlight those aspects that are relevant to you. We will then work together using therapeutic techniques to guide and support you through integration and healing that will ultimately lead to your empowerment.

I use the tarot in my coaching practice alongside NLP, Hypnotherapy, and counselling techniques for your highest transformation and evolution.

I have various coaching options that include tarot therapy and stand-alone readings.  

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