#029 - Manifestation series EP4 - The manifestation journey of a Business & Nervous system strategist

Gemma Benad is the founder of the Body-Led Business Method, which is a transformative approach
for ambitious and driven female entrepreneurs. Her mission is to support those on the path to 7-figures and beyond to unleash their authentic power, align with their energetic blueprint, build an empire that impacts the world, and honours their body.

Today, Gemma shares the epic story of Manifesting her wildly successful business. The ups, downs and pivots that led to being in the space now with a business that is not only financially successful but feels more supportive and nourishing than any of her previous businesses.

You can connect with Gemma inside the Body-Led Business™ Secrets Facebook Community
here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bodyledbusinesssecrets

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