#026 - Manifestation series Ep - 2 From Vision to reality

In today's episode, you'll hear how the Host, Creator & Co-Producer of the talk show "The Naked Word", Siham Benz, truly understands what it means to conquer your circumstances. And dive deep into her manifestation process.

Siham is no stranger to challenging situations. Born in Cape Town during the Apartheid regime, she was relegated to sit in the back of the bus and go to "coloured-only" schools & beaches whilst living in coloured-only neighbourhoods. She dreamed of a different life (especially for girls).

Tune in to discover how Siham has used self-reflection and reverse engineering to guide her manifestation process and support her in continuing to show up each day, overcoming challenges and setbacks and how she uses her body wisdom and connection to source to continue to boldly step into her purpose showing up every day messily but with trust that she is supported.

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