#024 - Projecting Abundance: Unveiling the Magic of Human Design and Money Mastery

When Projectors bless us with their guidance, we listen!

This episode is no exception. Today I'm chatting with Jodi Porteous, who is not only incredibly talented at providing a fresh perspective on how to approach your finances and achieve financial freedom. She is also a 1/4 Mental Projector and has spent the last few years experimenting with embodying her design. 

Jodi is a master at guiding people to reduce costs without giving up the things they love, find ways to increase income without working harder and design a life that you have only dreamed about.

In this episode, Jodi shares some of her top secrets to success with money as well as insights into her journey embodying her design.

You can find Jodi on Instagram @jodiporteous_moneycoach

Or through this link https://intentionalmoney.com.au/link-list

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