#020 - Human Design Energy Type series - Projector

Projectors! This episode is for you! Or if you have a Projector in your life (Hint, we all do!) You're going to want to listen too.

This episode is the fourth in the Human Design Energy Type series, where we zoom in on each of the five Energy Types. Your energy type is the entry point to your chart and the fundamental part of your Energetic Blueprint that gives you information about your energetic role in the collective and how you're designed to create and interact with the world around you with ease and flow.

In this episode, I'm giving you the low down on what it means to be a Projector. Get ready for a mind-opening journey as we uncover the secrets behind this unique energy type and how it shapes the way you are designed to show up in life.

We unravel the core characteristics and traits of Projectors. Discover how their energy differs from other types and the inherent power they possess. 

You'll discover more about your Strategy and what it looks like when you are in your power vs when you are operating from a place of conditioning or expressing some of the shadow aspects of your design. If you are a Manifesting Generator, You know someone who is, or you just want to understand more about how the different energy types work together, you will love this episode.

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