#013 - Balancing Act: Secrets of success from A powerhouse fitness instructor, juggling work, study, & life

I can 100% guarantee you have never heard a self-care tip quite like the one that Beth shares in today's podcast interview. Beth's jam-packed life means she has to be a wee bit creative when it comes to taking care of herself. In this episode, you'll be introduced to a revolutionary new way of taking time for yourself! (It's a crackup, you definitely don't want to miss it) 😂

She also shares her stories about life as a Less Mills fitness instructor and how she’s navigated her own health and wellness journey. Her story reminded me of how we engage with our ability to achieve the previously unachievable. The stories we tell ourselves, the limitations we put on ourselves and how in reality, there is usually a super simple key that will unlock something you didn’t even know you had within you. Once you find that key , before you know it, you step into a whole new level of badassery and wonder, "fuck, where did that come from."

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