#011 - Two surprising ways to create sustainable success.

If life has been feeling a bit well, "meh", and you're ready to start feeling sparkly and shiny again, you're going to love this episode.

Amanda Ewin is joining us today. She's a lifestyle coach who works with high values-driven women to support them in shifting from feeling meh to magnificent, using a blend of hot science and cool spirituality.

Amanda is an expert in supporting women to reconnect with the joy and fulfilment that comes from everyday life so that we can tap out of the day-to-day grind, stop obsessing over productivity-driven goals and start celebrating all the goodness that life has to offer every damn day. Two of the ways she does this and some of her many zones of genius is teaching how to incorporate both stillness and play into every day.

Amanda's Human Design Energy Type is Manifestor, and she shares some really cool insights into the gifts and challenges she has faced as she has been on her journey to embodying her design.

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