#009 - Looking for more chill vibes in your househould?

Angry outbursts, stressful dinner times, unhappy school days, anxiety, and difficulty making friends, are all manifestations of young people not being armed with the tools they need to understand and flow with their emotional and energetic world. In this episode, I chat with another of my extremely talented and passionate coaching clients Lynne Kendall.

Lynne is the founder of the Resilience Tutor and creator of a methodology now being taught across the UK and Australia. She is on a mission to empower young people between the ages of 7 and 19 to build resilience by helping them learn to love and understand their emotions, thinking and energy to experience a happy, contented life.

One of the core reasons for me inviting Lynne on the podcast is that Lynne and I share a passion for supporting and educating our communities on what it means to flow with your emotions and how to work with your energy in a way that supports you living a thriving, happy, healthy life. Lynne teaching this to our young people gives me hope that the next generations will be better prepared than the generations before them to tackle all of life's challenges with ease. I have no doubt you will find this episode thoroughly thought-provoking.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from Lynne's work, including her books, online courses or resilience tutoring, you can find her at https://thetommiconnection.com.au/

Or on Linkedin The Resilience Tutor 

Instgram @theresiliencetutor

If you would like to find out more about consciously create your life. The 5-month Human Design immersion coaching package that Lynne is currently in CLICK HERE