#006 - The why, what & how of using your Human Design to become the conscious creator of your most aligned life

If you know about Human Design but are wondering how and why it works and how to work with it on a practical level, this episode is for you.

In it, you will discover, how I came to love Human Design and become a Human Design coach. The science behind why it works and the practical ways that I use it to support my clients and myself so we can Level Up, Expand and share our gifts without burning out.

If you don't know your Human Design Energy Type, you can download your chart by CLICKING HERE

If you're interested in "Consciously create your life", a Five month Human Design Immersion coaching programme designed to support you in:

-Discovering your purpose.

-Building confidence in your innate talents.

-Stepping into flow with the Universe

-Magnetising opportunities and synchronicities that are meant for you.

-Allowing more Abundance and fulfilment.

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