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Human Design for parents.

"Katie Bateman - wow! I just had an awesome Human Design session for my kid! I highly recommend doing this if you want to got deep on understanding your childs' unique energetic patterns and how they naturally operate in the world, to support them to become their unique self.

I had a lot of confirmation regarding her energy type and it's given me more confidence to honour her way of being in the world, to honour her resistances, and how to support that "Selena style".

She's a little projector, which she was able to give Katie some visionary big picture idea's in our session just being in her passion and talking about her interest. Selena said, "Katie, can you do a cat's human design chart?" .....

Was a wonderful session, honestly so special! Katie's natural loving approach, whilst engaging Selena, made it really comfortable for everyone and super relaxed.

Mums... do it!! It's the best... !!

5 stars!!"

Flow State
"Rare, magickal, beautiful 
Who wouldn’t want to be told their soul embodies these three words!
Well not only is that how Katie described me, it is exactly how I would describe her & the way she reads the HD chart.
I have FINALLY understood so many things about the way I do things, why I do things, how I do them etc..
Katie has this amazing way of not making you feel like a freak, especially when announcing you have a freak genius channel 
Katie, I could rabbit on for hours here, as thank you just doesn’t seem like a true response.
You are incredible! This gift you have given me goes beyond words. I will be forever grateful to you for explaining how my soul truly is special (& not just because I think so ).
Your talent to read these charts is undeniable.
Sending you so much love  xx"

Flow State

"I just had my Human Design reading with Katie! It was AMAZING!!

I certainly came away with some good strategies, permission to be without exception and a deeper understanding of how to move forward."