Tap into your flow state

Learn to embrace your unique gifts and feel confident being unapologetically you!


Feel the freedom

That comes from:

  • Understanding your unique gifts, talents and energetic body. 
  • What your soul incarnated in this lifetime to achieve.
  • Practical guidance on how to start using your gifts in your day to day life, allowing more ease and flow.
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Step into your power

By understanding your unique design:

  • You can stop leaking energy on things that do not serve you.
  • Create space for your desires to manifest into your reality.
  • Bring more ease and flow into every aspect of your life.
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Be unapologetically you!

Human Design teaches:

  • That we live in a win-win universe.
  • By owning your gifts and being unapologetically you, you are contributing to the raising up of the collective.
  • The key to creating the life of your dreams is to be playful with your gifts. 
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 How does a reading work?

All readings are done via zoom.

  • To ensure an accurate reading, you must know your birthplace, date, and exact time.
  • When you purchase a reading, you will be given a calendly link to book a time that suits you.
  • I will read your chart, give you a practical understanding of how to apply the knowledge you receive and send you a PDF summary afterwards. 

Are you ready to enter your flow state?

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What clients are saying...

"Rare, magickal, beautiful. 
Who wouldn’t want to be told their soul embodies these three words!
Well not only is that how Katie described me, it is exactly how I would describe her & the way she reads the HD chart.
I have FINALLY understood so many things about the way I do things, why I do things, how I do them etc..
Katie has this amazing way of not making you feel like a freak, especially when announcing you have a freak genius channel.
Katie, I could rabbit on for hours here, as thank you just doesn’t seem like a true response.
You are incredible! This gift you have given me goes beyond words. I will be forever grateful to you for explaining how my soul truly is special (& not just because I think so ).
Your talent to read these charts is undeniable.
Sending you so much love  xx"

I just had my Human Design reading with Katie! It was amazing!!!! I certainly came away with some good strategies, permission to be ME without exception and a deeper understanding of how to move forward .”

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