What the F is a Human Design Strategy?

Jun 02, 2022


So you've found out your Human Design Energy Type and realised that it comes with this incredible tool. Your Strategy! But what the actual F is your Strategy, and what is the practical application of it?

You're in the right place.

This post is here to help you understand exactly why your Strategy is so important.

We will start with what Strategy is, and then you can select your energy type to learn about your personal Strategy and how you can start applying it in your daily life.

What is Strategy?

Out of your Human Design tool kit, Strategy is the tool you use TO ALIGN YOURSELF WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE, PLACES, and OPPORTUNITIES.

If you think of all the energy of the cosmos as a flowing river. This river of energy is abundant and life-giving, and you have access to it ALWAYS. There is an unlimited supply of possibilities in this river. But, to take what you need from it, what is meant for you, you have to understand how your energy interacts with that of the flowing river. You need to have a "Strategy" if you will, which will allow you to step into flow with the river. Once you do that, accessing the possibilities and opportunities in the river happens naturally.

It's not enough to just know what your Strategy is. You must apply it. When you start experimenting with your Strategy, you can build your own evidence that this actually works!
The more evidence you build, the more you will be able to trust in the win-win nature of the Universe and trust that you have all the tools you need to step into a of life flow with ease.

Each of the 5 Human Design Energy Types is paired with its own Strategy.

Click yours to learn more.

Generators - Respond
Manifestors - Inform
Projectors - Wait to be invited
Man Gens - Visualise, Respond & Inform
Reflectors - Wait a lunar cycle

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