Part two: From stuck to flow

Sep 03, 2022

Part two in a three-part series designed to guide you through actionable steps to help you move from feeling stuck, stagnant and frustrated back to your natural state of love, flow, fulfilment, and abundance.

If you missed part one, you can Click Here to catch up.

In part two, I want to offer a new perspective to help you move through the sticky times with less resistance.

Human Design teaches that in seasons of your life where you feel you are banging your head against a brick wall, it's more often than not because you are letting conditioning be the driving force of your behaviours rather than allowing your authentic essence be in the driver's seat.


Today's embodiment practice will help you create space between you and your conditioned response. In this space, you get to put your authentic essence back in the driver's seat. 

Disclaimer: This will most likely be somewhat uncomfortable for a lot of us.

Embodiment practice: No action is better than ANY action.

Instead of getting trapped in a cycle of action for action's sake, take no action at all.

Taking no action allows you to create spaciousness in moments in life where we feel stuck in thick icky mud. Where nothing feels clear and where we can't see how to move forward. This is an incredible gift, and one many of us have very little experience embracing.

The concept might sound super simple, but one of the reasons this can feel so uncomfortable is that our conditioning, our brain chemistry, will throw up all sorts of bull shit about why it's not safe to be still. 

Maybe for you, it's that you have heavy conditioning around your self-worth being attached to your productivity. And that tells you that if you start creating space by not taking action, how can you feel worthy?

Maybe, when you create spaciousness in your life, grief bubbles to the surface and perhaps you have a deep desire to avoid that grief.

Maybe you are deeply connected to what the people around you are "doing", and by not "doing", you feel you will be left behind.

There is an endless list of COMPLETELY VALID reasons why you might find it challenging to create spaciousness in your life.

The invitation in this embodiment practice is to start getting comfortable with no action. In doing so, you allow yourself to break free from a cycle of reactive conditioned responses that may be part of the cause of the feeling of stuckness.

Witnessing what comes up in this spaciousness can also be the entry point to some deep healing and transformation if and when you feel ready to be with that.

If you are feeling stuck, I invite you to start experimenting with creating space in your life by taking no action rather than taking any action. Try and approach this embodiment practice with a sense of curiosity, see what comes up and most importantly, be kind to yourself.

I would love to hear about your experiences if you would like to share, you can tag me @LevelUpwithKatieB on Instagram or Facebook.



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