Part Three - Human Design to help you step back into flow

Dec 19, 2022

Whoop whoop, the final part in this three-part series is here. Designed to guide you through actionable steps to help you move from feeling stuck, stagnant and frustrated back to your natural state of love, flow, fulfilment, and abundance.

This week I will give you a glimpse into the empowering magic of embodying your Human Design and how to use your design to recognise when you're operating from a place of conditioning so you can instead start operating with confidence from your authentic expression.


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Each human design energy type has a telltale sign of being out of flow. This is sometimes known as "the not-self theme."

Essentially, when you start noticing your not-self theme as a prominent energy in your life, this indicates that you are operating from a space of conditioning and is an invitation to come home to your inner knowing so you can step back into flow.

The not-self theme for each of the energy types are:

Generators - Frustration

Man-Gen - Frustration

Manifestors - Anger

Reflectors - Disappointment

Projectors - Bitterness

Your not-self theme is not a short-term emotional response.

It is a visceral response and has a profound impact on your energy. You will most likely relate to it as one of the overarching energies you experience when you feel "stuck." To enjoy the medicine of your not-self theme, start by recognising it as an ally. An energetic gift here to tap you on the shoulder and remind you of the truth of who you are.


Embodiment practice one:

Connect with your heart and higher self, and ask, "What are some visceral experiences that I associate with feeling stuck?"

Journal on what comes up: 

Do you notice your not self-theme in your list? 

What do you think these energies are trying to communicate to you? 

Once you've brought awareness to and listened to the call of your not-self theme, this is your opportunity to start course-correcting by using your Human Design Strategy and Authority. 

Embodiment practice Two:

Use your Human Design Strategy and Authority to guide you into aligned action.

Two of the best tools you have at your fingertips within your Energetic blueprint are your Strategy and Authority.

Your Strategy is the part of your energetic blueprint that helps you attract synchronicities and opportunities into your life.

Your Authority is the part of your innate wisdom (your intuitive gifts) that you should rely on most when it comes to making aligned decisions. Using these two aspects of your design will ensure that you stop wasting or leaking energy on shit that is not in your highest and best. It will help you start taking conscious and aligned action so you can move out of feeling stuck and into flow with ease.

To understand more about your Strategy Click Here.

To understand more about your Authority Click Here.

I would love to hear about your experiences working with these incredible Human Design tools. If you would like to share, you can tag me @LevelUpwithKatieB on Instagram or Facebook.

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