Manifesting Generator - Strategy

Jun 07, 2022

Manifesting Generator

Visualise, Respond, Inform.

Because Man Gens are a hybrid of Manifestor and generator energy, you beauties get given extra love when it comes to your Strategy.

Part of your Strategy is to Respond. Don't forget that you are a Sacral being, and creating space for your Sacral response is AN ESSENTIAL part of your energetic design.

Before you Respond, Man Gen's are designed to "try it on." take time to try whatever opportunity, person, or place is being offered and VISUALISE what the potential outcome could be for you. Take it for a spin, and while you are doing that, tune into and check in with your SACRAL response.

Once you have had a positive or negative response, you can then take aligned action. Whether it's negative or positive doesn't matter as long as you are honouring that response and the action you take is aligned with it.

The next part of your Strategy is to INFORM. This means speaking about your aligned action. Tell people what you are up to. By doing this you are starting to attract the right people into your energetic field.

You are also automatically stabilising the energy around you so that you can take your aligned action from solid ground. When Man Gens or Manifestors don't inform the people around them of what they are doing, they create uneasy and sometimes unsupportive energy. The reality is that your decisions impact others, and simply by telling others what you are doing, you help them feel comfortable and at ease, which is often what the other Energy Types need to feel loved, important and willing to support you in your journey.

To summarise.
First, create space in your energy body so you are open to Responding. When you have something to respond to, visualise the potential outcomes. While you are doing that, check in with your Sacral response, and then once you have decided on your aligned action, inform the people who will be impacted what you are up to.

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