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May 18, 2023

If you've downloaded your chart and now you're scratching your head wondering what the F to do with the abundance of information. You're in the right place. Your Energy Type is the perfect place to start experimenting and understanding your Human Design.

Your energy type shows your core Energetic role in the collective.

There are Five Human Design energy types. Each has a unique role. And when we allow ourselves to honour that role, we start experiencing less resistance and more flow in life. By understanding and supporting others to honour their unique energetic role, we allow them to do the same. Together we make a cohesive community, thriving both on an individual and a collective level.


MANIFESTOR - The initiator, The spark and the catalyst. 

GENERATOR - The action taker. - The vessels for workforce energy. 

MANIFESTING GENERATOR - A combo of Manifestor and Generator Man Gens have the ability to initiate and have access to sustainable workforce energy.

PROJECTOR - The guide - Correcting energy, supporting the collective in being more efficient.

REFLECTOR - The clarifier - Here to show both individuals and communities if we are living up to our full potential.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Energy Types are not supposed to be reductive; any energy type can have any manner of gifts and attributes. Understanding your energy type simply helps you understand how your aura is designed to interact with the Universe and the collective.

Reflectors, you make up 1% of the population.

The tech specs: You know you're a Reflector when you have NO Defined Energy Centres.

Your Special Sauce.

Your vitally important gift to the collective is reflecting back to the rest of us if we are living up to our full potential. It's through your experience and interactions with people, places and situations that you mirror back to us whether we are in alignment or not. Ultimately you are the barometer that measures the health of individuals and the community.

Strategy: Wait a lunar cycle.

You have a deep connection with the moon. One of those connections is that you are designed to wait for 28 days, which is a full lunar cycle, in order to get a deep understanding and clarity on how you feel about different opportunities. When you're making major decisions that concern sharing your gifts and entering into any sort of long-term agreement, letting yourself experience that decision through the lens of the different energies of the Human Design gates as the moon transits is key to ensuring you attract the right opportunities and synchronicities.

 Signature Theme: Surprise.

As you move through the world, interacting with different people and places, if you feel engaged and drawn to explore more, to keep interacting and continue to uncover hidden beauty and potential. This is your energy body's way of showing you're in alignment, and it manifests as a sense of curiosity. Kind of like you can feel the pep in your step, and although you're not sure where you're being led, you trust that energy to guide you in the right direction.

Not-Self: Disappointment.

Your ability to sense and understand on an energetic level capabilities, possibilities and untapped potentials gives you a heightened sense of awareness, and it can feel like you've lost something when they are not fulfilled. 

When You're in your power:

  • You have the unique ability to see and experience things in a way that the other energy types might miss. 

When you're in your power, you will be in places with people that are supportive of you, sharing that wisdom. It's through allowing yourself to be in environments that feel good to you that you create energetically correct relationships and facilitate the opportunity for others to make changes that are supportive of them fulfilling their potential. One of the keys to unlocking this gift is learning to trust your feelings in response to being in particular environments with particular people. Imagine you walk into a party and you feel icky, disappointed, or just have an inkling that the vibe is off. In an ideal world, you would be able to pass that on to your friends or the people you're hanging out with, and they would try and understand how that could be shifted. If that's not possible, then the next best option is for you to leave that environment. Your energy body has a heightened sense of awareness of the energies around you, and that's how you are guided through life experiences and into the most energetically correct opportunities.

  • You're in a constant dance with the energies around you. When you indulge in this dance and take your time to fully experience these energies without submitting to the pressure to rush, you step into alignment and, piece by piece, discover YOUR most authentic expression.

As you absorb and amplify the energies around you, trying them on to see which feels best for you, your outward expression will be continuously evolving. The things that inspire and delight you will be in a constant state of flux, and this helps you understand what the most authentic expression of you is. This ability to adapt and change inspires others to follow their passions too. To break moulds and be fearless in the pursuit of experiencing the fullness of life. Resist the urge to rush the process of testing out different energies. Any decisions that have long-lasting effects on your life are best "sat on" until you've felt them throughout the 28-day lunar cycle. 

  • Use your ability to feel different energies to guide your daily flow and experience surprising opportunities in your day-to-day activities.

Although the bigger decisions need to be felt and experienced over a 28-day lunar cycle, Your daily action is also guided by how you're feeling, just on a more localised level. By having structures in place that support you in testing the "vibrational waters" of each day, you create the freedom to be guided into aligned action based on what you're feeling daily. I know this sounds pretty tricky in the highly structured 9-5 regimen our current society leans towards, but if only in the smallest ways, you can have the freedom to create a day where you are spending time with people and in places that feel good you will start recognising just how different that can be from day to day and notice the opportunities and synchronicities that drop in from these experiences.

Common Challenges and Shadow Expressions

  • Rushing into decisions. 

The pressure is real! Aside from the fact that you live in a fast-paced society where you are constantly being bombarded with information and marketing jargon that will have you believe "a quick game is a good game." you are also energetically a minority, so there is just the plain fact that the other energy types will have the tendency to energetically bully you into rushing decisions. Over time this can actually have a pretty big impact on your relationship with making decisions. Potentially you have spent a lifetime rushing decisions and then later regret them. Outwardly it can show up as looking a bit "flakey" or unsettled, but the reality is that you just didn't give yourself time to get clear on what was best for you in the first place and then have had to course correct, probably more often than you would like.

The solution: Start experimenting with giving yourself more time and space to feel into decisions. The beauty of your energy body is that it constantly samples the world around you. It's through this sampling that you get TRUE clarity about what people, places and opportunities are right for you. You can start small by simply committing to not making any big decisions without at least waiting a week. In that week, notice how your feelings and perspective change. If you notice there have been many shifts, then perhaps that will inspire you to wait even longer. Keep being curious and open to changing your mind. Once you feel comfortable making the decision, keep track. Notice afterwards, did you have any change of heart? What unfolded? Was it supportive of you moving towards your greater vision for your life, or did it cause unnecessary disruption or chaos?  

  • Staying in Places, situations or with people for longer than you know is right.

It can be a strange old thing when you get into environments that don't sit right with you. Not everyone will be receptive to that perspective, and that's ok. What is most important is that you don't over-invest your time and energy into the environment.  

The solution:

Let yourself retreat, spend time decompressing and come back home to you. It's an important part of your aura hygiene to take care of yourself in this way. And you don't have to explain yourself to anyone. 

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