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May 18, 2023

If you've downloaded your chart and now you're scratching your head wondering what the F to do with the abundance of information. You're in the right place. Your Energy Type is the perfect place to start experimenting and understanding your Human Design.

Your energy type shows your core Energetic role in the collective.

There are Five Human Design energy types. Each has a unique role. And when we allow ourselves to honour that role, we start experiencing less resistance and more flow in life. By understanding and supporting others to honour their unique energetic role, we allow them to do the same. Together we make a cohesive community, thriving both on an individual and a collective level.


MANIFESTOR - The initiator, The spark and the catalyst. 

GENERATOR - The action taker. - The vessels for workforce energy. 

MANIFESTING GENERATOR - A combo of Manifestor and Generator Man Gens have the ability to initiate and have access to sustainable workforce energy.

PROJECTOR - The guide - Correcting energy, supporting the collective in being more efficient.

REFLECTOR - The clarifier - Here to show both individuals and communities if we are living up to our full potential.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Energy Types are not supposed to be reductive; any energy type can have any manner of gifts and attributes. Understanding your energy type simply helps you understand how your aura is designed to interact with the Universe and the collective.


You make up 10% of the population.

The tech specs: 

You know you're a Manifestor when you have a defined throat but no defined sacral. And either the Solar plexus, Spleen, or ego connected to the throat.

Your Special Sauce.

Manifestors are the spark that creates transformation by giving direction to energy.

  • Here to create new moulds, not fit into ones that have been made before. 
  • You're the visionary, a catalyst for change.
  •  Here to initiate the rest of us into some sort of action, whether it be Gen's & Man Gen's in workforce action, Projectors into correcting energy or Reflectors into feedback.
  •  You come into your power when you learn to flow with your inspiration and embrace rest as an essential part of you owning your power.  


Follow your urge and inform.

  • When you feel an internal pull forward, that is the language of the universe speaking through you, encouraging you to move forward by taking aligned action. Use your Authority to understand what the next aligned step is.
  • In order to initiate others into action, you have to tell them what you're up to. Tell people you

Signature Theme.

Peace - You know you're in flow when you have an overarching energy of Peace in your life. It doesn't mean you're high vibe all day, every day. It's an energy of calm connectedness, knowing that you are moving boldly towards your vision and attracting the right people to support you. 


Anger - Dimming to fit in, trying to convince others of your power, or not feeling safe to "inform" are all fast ways to the not-self theme of Anger.

When you're in your power:

 Manifestors, You are the only energy type that gets to INITIATE. The rest of the energy types are jealous, believe me!

 Don't let this gift go unused.

 When you feel the urge, the energetic pull towards investing your time, energy and resources into an opportunity, creation or relationship, start creating a plan to take aligned action. Literally, write the aligned steps you can take to make it happen. The trick here is to know the action steps but not necessarily try and do them all yourself.

Start talking about your vision, sharing your dreams, plans and ideas. The more you inform, the more people will be drawn to you. Don't try to bring the entire vision to life by yourself or until the timing is right. Use your connection to your Authority and your natural rest and creation cycle to know when that timing is. And cultivate an environment of delegation in your life.

  • Own your space and trust your power.

Being a trailblazer means pushing boundaries and doing shit that not everyone agrees with. People will notice you. It's impossible for a Manifestor to walk into the room and not be noticed. That's for a reason. You're polarising aura is like a sieve, sieving out the people that are meant to be supporting and uplifting you and letting the others fall through the holes. When you're in your power, you feel confident letting the people and opportunities that aren't meant for you fall through the holes. Being comfortable with this and surrounding yourself with people that help you feel bold enough to be your most expansive version is your most expeditious way to manifest with ease.

  • Boldly share your thoughts and ideas with little attachment to the responses you get.

Informing is a key to moving energy through your body. When you create an environment of open communication, your energy will flow with more ease. You might even notice that your creative juices flow with more ease. Informing is a vital part of how you attract opportunities and synchronicities. 

 Common Challenges and Shadow Expressions.

  • If you don't have the freedom to create and be empowered in your day-to-day by doing what you want when you want (Following your urges.) You can start feeling like there is no room to breathe. It constricts your creative flow, and over time, you can lose touch with that creative power you have.

 The Solution: Wherever you can, create structures that allow you to flow with your inspiration and REST when you need to. Your cycles of inspiration are like pulses. The key is to enjoy it while it's on and chill out when it's off. This can be easier said than done if you're a Manifestor working a regular 9 am -5 pm job. But is there any scope for flexibility in your day? Be creative and talk to your boss. If not, then make sure your time outside of your work life is not scheduled to a tee. Don't jam-pack your calendar. Let it e fluid, and see where you end up.

  • Feeling Exhausted from trying to keep up with Gen's and Man Gen.

It's tricky because 70% of the population are Generator types. You're literally surrounded by people that can work, work, work (if they're in alignment). But, these energy types have a different relationship with workforce energy to you. Ultimately when you trick yourself into thinking you have to push through your rest cycle, the end result is that you're as powerful of a creator as you could be. You end up leaking and wasting energy that could be spent on pursuing your real 

  • You don't feel confident or safe to "inform."

It's not your fault. Many Manifestors have a lifetime of experiences of people stifling them when they "inform." That big energy, those big ideas, can cause concern for the other energy types and people that don't share your vision. If you feel like you may have trouble or resistance around informing, doing energetics, somatic and unconscious work to heal, that will be life-changing in terms of you stepping into your power. You can also start doing easy day-to-day exercises like challenging yourself to share one thing each day that you might in the past have kept to yourself; for fear of others' reaction. Start building evidence that it's safe for you to do that, and watch as more aligned opportunities and synchronicities start dropping in.  

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