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May 18, 2023

If you've downloaded your chart and now you're scratching your head wondering what the F to do with the abundance of information. You're in the right place. Your Energy Type is the perfect place to start experimenting and understanding your Human Design.

Your energy type shows your core Energetic role in the collective.

There are Five Human Design energy types. Each has a unique role. And when we allow ourselves to honour that role, we start experiencing less resistance and more flow in life. By understanding and supporting others to honour their unique energetic role, we allow them to do the same. Together we make a cohesive community, thriving both on an individual and a collective level.


MANIFESTOR - The initiator, The spark and the catalyst. 

GENERATOR - The action taker. - The vessels for workforce energy. 

MANIFESTING GENERATOR - A combo of Manifestor and Generator Man Gens have the ability to initiate and have access to sustainable workforce energy.

PROJECTOR - The guide - Correcting energy, supporting the collective in being more efficient.

REFLECTOR - The clarifier - Here to show both individuals and communities if we are living up to our full potential.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Energy Types are not supposed to be reductive; any energy type can have any manner of gifts and attributes. Understanding your energy type simply helps you understand how your aura is designed to interact with the Universe and the collective.


You make up 37% of the population.

The tech specs: 

You know you're a Generator when you have a defined Sacral with no direct connection from your Sacral to your throat.

Your Special Sauce.

Generators - Taking inspiration and turning it into something tangible in the 3D. 

  • The hands-on element of the creation process. 
  • The powerhouse of energy that can fuel the rest of the collective. When you're doing what lights you up, when you do the work that brings the most joy, you provide workforce energy for the energy types that don't have access to their own sustainable workforce energy. They can feel it and work with it if/when they need to.

Strategy - Respond 

As a Generator, your job is to respond to all of life. Life is constantly presenting you with opportunities, possibilities, and people. As you respond to life and the environment around you, you are guided to the right opportunities and synchronicities. Specifically, your sacral response is a key component of your response mechanism. When your Sacral feels lit up, excited or expansive, it's a positive sign. When it feels heavy, contracted or repelled, it's a negative response (Each Generator has a unique connection to the language of its Sacral response, and it's part of your Human Design experiment to reconnect with that language.)

Signature Theme - Satisfaction

When you're investing your energy into people and opportunities that are in alignment with your Human Design, you will feel a visceral sense of contented satisfaction. This does not mean that shit is always "easy". It's more that when you're in alignment, your body knows that the aligned action is guiding you in the right direction. When you rest your head on the pillow at night, you have that sense of satisfaction from spending your energy beans on the most aligned things for you! 

Not-Self -Frustration

The signature theme of frustration is more than a fleeting moment. It's a visceral overarching energy. You might notice it as a general frustration that you can't seem to gain traction on ideas and can't seem to be able to move forward with particular people or opportunities.

When you're in your power:

Generators: You are "Energy beings" - You have access to sustainable workforce energy when you are doing the things that excite you, the things that set your Sacral on FIRE. When you allow yourself to have that, you step into flow with the Universe and are guided towards the right people and the right opportunities at the right time. 

 The power of your Sacral response is that when you embody this energy, there is no more chasing, no more forcing, no more pushing shit uphill. Allowing your excitement and your joy to be the guide that takes you to the next aligned action is all you need to do.

You have a stair-step learning process that is key to becoming a master in your craft.

  • There is a natural process in the evolution and development of your different skill sets which means that as a Generator, you will naturally have cycles of accelerated growth when you are investing your time and energy into what lights you up. But at some point, your growth will slow down. You might start feeling like you've reached the precipice of your capabilities. You might not see the same results you were seeing earlier. This is a NORMAL part of your learning process, and it's really important not to quit too soon when you feel as if you're not making progress. That plateau is actually a vital piece of your integration process. This is the time when your thinking mind might try and convince you that "it's all too hard" or that you "must be out of alignment." To embrace the plateau, you need to double down on paying attention to your Sacral. Simple Yes/No questions each day to check in with if the projects or people that you are spending your time on are still in alignment. If it's a yes, then the next step is to understand that sometimes growth means just standing firm and being open to responding. In the learning plateau, new opportunities are moving into alignment, and all you have to do is be open and prepared for when they drop in. You'll know when it's ready to jump into the next growth cycle. By learning to embrace the plateau, you develop more potency in your craft, you become more skilled, and ultimately when your learning process speeds up again, it will be on an entirely new level; you have literally Levelled Up your skills, your abilities and are in an entirely new territory of your craft.

 Common Challenges and Shadow Aspects:

  • Shoulding yourself into action. Generators, the key to accessing your sustainable workforce energy is doing the things that actually excite you. The things that you give a positive Sacral response! When you ignore that response and instead let obligation or logical reasoning drive your action, you will not have that same level of sustainable energy.

The Solution: For most of us, it's not possible to do 100% of the things that excite us 100% of the time. (Cleaning the toilet always comes to mind.) This is totally fine! The aim is to get the balance between things that give you energy and things that take your energy more heavily weighted to the positive. One game-changing tool you can use to achieve this is what I call "the Sacral stock take." Take some time to break down different projects, commitments and relationships you have in your life into smaller bite-size actions.

For example:

Imagine you buy a house and property as a commitment that you enter into based on a positive Sacral response. Now you live in a house that requires cleaning, gardening, and maintenance to keep it feeling good to live in.

If you break down those different actions and check in with your sacral about which you are happy to invest time and energy in and those that you're not. You would want the end result to be at least 51% positive and 49% not so much.

Obviously, the more positive, the better, but start small, and you'll start building evidence that you can outsource and offload shit that doesn't light you up and notice the positive impact that has on your life in general.

In the house scenario - You might like to buy a robot vacuum. Pay your neighbour's kids to do the gardens, and get your housemate or partner to do their share of the shit that no one wants to do. There are endless ways to get the balance in your favour, and you'll notice it snowballs. So start small and notice how the more you say yes to delight, the more you welcome delight.

People pleasing. People love to be around you. They're literally drawn to your energy! But the term "energy vampire" is an appropriate explanation for how other people will keep taking it if you don't stand firm in your boundaries. When you're in your bliss, the whole world wants to feed on that energy. 

Something to be aware of and perhaps might be relevant to you (perhaps not): Generators LOVE to make others feel good. It's not uncommon, from a young age, to have had an energetic and intuitive understanding that you can easily make others feel good, and most have been praised and given a lot of positive reinforcement for it. Over you might develop a strong association with making other people feel good, being something that others value in you. Ie. Making others feel good is attached to your worth. In reality, you are worthy not for what you give other people but because you are, as all humans are, worthy of love, abundance, joy and respect.

If this becomes a strong attachment, you could start sacrificing your joy in order to make other people happy. It sounds like no big deal, but the reality is that if left unchecked, you might end up feeling like it's not safe for you to say no to people for fear of disappointing, triggering or hurting them. This often leads to feeding co-dependant relationships and essentially being a huge waste of your beautiful magnetic energy.

The Solution: The truth is that you will make others happy simply by indulging in the things that light you up. Your energy, when infused with self-sacrifice, obligation or martyrdom, is not as magnetic as the sustainable energy that comes when you are in your joy. Being deeply rooted in your self-worth helps you to feel confident and clear with boundaries. Practising saying no to people, with no need for explanation, is a vital skill for Everyone but Generators and Manifesting Generators in particular. Something to consider is that if you trigger someone by being clear with your boundaries, you've provided them a beautiful opportunity for their own self-reflection and growth. Whether they choose that for themselves is not your responsibility, both from a Human Design perspective and from a healthy, well-rounded, emotionally intelligent adult perspective. In summary: Shine your light bright and have boundaries like a mofo!

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