Cupid Vs Human Design

May 12, 2022

Are you in a relationship OR on a quest to find a bloody awesome human to share your life with?

💃Yes! This read is for you!💃

Relationship success from a human design perspective.

Have you ever heard of Electromagnetic attraction?

Yep, we're talking physics. You might be surprised to learn that it plays out in the relationship between two (or more) Human Design charts.

It comes from the attraction felt when a person with one half of a channel comes into the energetic vicinity of a person with the other half of that channel.

The more connecting gates (two gates connect to make a channel) there are between two people, the stronger the electromagnetic attraction.

You will recognise the feeling of electromagnetic attraction, which is usually felt most intensely in the first few years of a relationship. It feels passionate, exciting and often makes us believe we have found someone who "completes us."

Although this can be an intoxicating feeling, a strong electromagnetic connection IS NOT a sign that you are destined for relationship success. Being guided by your electromagnetic attraction can be beautiful IF YOU GO IN WITH EYES WIDE OPEN, knowing that NO ONE ELSE CAN COMPLETE YOU.


Having strong electromagnetic attraction can be incredible for a relationship, it can also get you into trouble if you haven't become conscious of another critical element of understanding your Human Design.

🔥Cue the big guns🔥

One of the biggest gifts Human Design can give you is a new level of self-awareness that will allow you to level up your sense of loveability and self-worth.

It highlights your soul curriculum and the karmic experiences you came here to explore, correct and learn from in this lifetime.

Seeing that laid out in front of you gives a new perspective.

You can start to understand your unique soul flavour, that peace of magic that only you can bring to the collective, is irreplaceable, undeniable, and something to embrace with fierce, unapologetic gusto.

So how does this relate to relationship success?

This level of self-acceptance often leads to a place where we start appreciating others from a place of genuine curiosity, love and oneness. The rose coloured glasses come off. You can stop projecting your traumas and conditioning onto the people around you and, from this space, have a greater capacity to truly love another person, warts and all.

When the delicious feeling of electromagnetic attraction starts to dwindle, and you are confronted with the reality that your partner is very much human, with the associated trauma and conditioning that they may or may not be aware of.

You will be so much better equipped if you have taken the time to consistently and consciously integrate the different aspects of yourself. Understanding your and your partners' Human Design chart can be an incredible tool to support and guide you through that process.

Intrigued about what shows up in you and your partners' charts?
You can book a relationship reading by clicking here.

Honestly, though, the best place to start is actually doing your own inner healing, developing a strong sense of self-worth, loveability and getting down and dirty with every damn part of the magic that is YOU.

If you are ready to do just that - go on a truly transformative journey of love and self-acceptance.

I have two spaces available in my 5 month, Human Design immersion coaching package.

If you are feeling brave and are finally ready to level up your life email the word TRANSFORMATION to [email protected]

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