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Jun 08, 2022

Reflector - Wait a Lunar cycle

Beautiful reflectors, the rarest of the Energy Types. Your Strategy is as Unique as you are.

When it comes to stepping into flow with life and attracting the right opportunities and synchronicities, waiting for a complete 28-day lunar cycle is your magic.

It might sound completely bonkers, but there is an excellent reason for it. The other four energy types are known as solar beings. The definition in their chart is activated by the sun.

You have NO definition in your chart. 

The way you experience the energies in your chart is through your relationships with other people AND the activation of the different elements via the moon's transit.

Over 28 days, the moon transits through all of the 64 gates in your chart.

It is through experiencing the different energies in the lunar transit that you play with and try on different options for stepping into alignment. Allowing for a complete lunar cycle to activate the different energies in your chart clarifies what is important and where to invest your energy. This is how you magnetise the right opportunities and synchronicities.

It is also super important for you to have a solid group of people you can rely on to have thought-provoking conversations and help you gain clarity on your choices and decisions.

Having space to dispel energy from others is essential, but bouncing ideas off others is part of your unique energetic design, so be wary when you feel like you want to crawl into your cosy home life and not interact with the world around you. 

To be your most magnetic, start experimenting with waiting for a lunar cycle, take notice of the clarity you gain through that process and don't forget to talk things out with your crew.


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