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Jun 02, 2022


Generator Strategy: Respond

Your job as someone energetically designed to "respond" is to notice the responses you feel in your body to ALL the information you are receiving. Once you've noticed the response, let it guide you to the right people, places and opportunities.

Let your response guide you into flow.

You are constantly being fed information. All your senses are working together to stay dialled into the constant stream of information that is coming at you from external sources.  This information could be anything, from a conversation with a friend, a song on the radio, or a smell on the breeze. You name it. If you can sense it, you are being given an opportunity to respond.

One of the keys to utilising your Strategy of responding is identifying what a positive and negative response feels like in your body.

Human Design offers guidance on which areas of your body, in particular, to pay attention to (through your Authority). But as a Generator, your Sacral response or your "gut response" is also a vital part of your energy body (regardless of your Authority) and should be considered part of your internal compass. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to reconnect with your sacral to become familiar with your positive and negative responses.

Once you have become familiar with your positive and negative responses, the next step is to TAKE ALIGNED ACTION. If you have had a negative response, your aligned action would be to stop leaking or wasting any more energy on that particular person, situation or opportunity.

If you have a positive response, you can start getting clear on the right course of action to move forward. This could mean starting again with the cycle of responding, i.e. being aware of your responses to new information, OR it could be that you already know the direction you need to take and what that aligned action looks like. Either is fine. Let your Sacral response guide you. The more aligned action you take, the more you will be stepping into flow, and then you start a self-perpetuating cycle of being tuned into and in flow with all that is meant for you in this lifetime.

Do you feel like you are connected to your Sacral response?

I am A Generator and one of the first things I knew I needed to work on when I learned about my Human Design was the connection with my Sacral. I created a Hypnosis and Two-week protocol guide that helped me do just that. 

The reason it is so important is that it is part of your internal compass. It is part of the system that guides you to make energetically correct decisions.

When you have a strong connection with your Sacral, you build trust in your body's natural wisdom and intuition.

This meditation and PDF guide will give you the tools you need to awaken and reconnect with your sacral response.

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