Level Up with Katie B


Human Design coach for women in business.

Embody your Human Design so you can Confidently Level Up, Expand and Share your gifts WITHOUT Burning out!











Level Up with Katie B


Human Design coach for Women in Business.

Helping you Confidently Level Up, Expand and Share your gifts without Burning out!





Stop pulling your hair out trying to guess what's best for you and your business.


EMBODYING your Human Design makes stepping into alignment effortless

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You can stop trying to squeeze yourself into a business box made for someone else.

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Align & Thrive


The ultimate journey to embodying your energetic gifts so you can accelerate your business growth.


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Tarot & Human Design


Discover your energetic gifts, connect with source, soul & spirit and gain valuable insights so you can thrive rather than survive.


Katie holding her skateboard at Scarborough Beach in Perth

Hey, I'm Katie!

When I started Embodying my Human Design and applying it not only in my life but infusing my unique energetic flavour into every aspect of my business, I experienced growth and satisfaction beyond what any other fancy pants, hacks, tricks, trends, or strategies had offered.

If you're sick of wasting money on the latest advice that has no longevity, you'd rather learn to trust your intuition and use your energetic gifts to propel you into confidently Levelling Up, I can help.

My signature method that includes working with your Human Design will help you uncover your true purpose, build the confidence you need to embody it, experience flow through authentic, energetic alignment and create abundance in a way that nourishes your mind, body and soul.

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What my clients are saying....

"I have achieved more in the time I've spent with Katie than in the last five years, and I thought I was pretty productive.

Understanding my Human Design has helped me focus, got my ‘imposter’ syndrome under control and given me the confidence to tread the path I’m here to walk.

- Tracey B


Working with my Human Design gates and connecting with the energy in my sacral energy centre has literally changed my whole world.

I hardly recognise myself for many reasons, but the main one being Katie has, in just a few short months, helped me step into my power and shine the light I've been put on this earth to shine.

Katie has also helped me through tarot work through the end of a difficult relationship and given me the tools to ensure I don't end up in another toxic cycle losing myself in the process. 

- Kristy L

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